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Our Services

When older lighting systems were designed energy savings was not the critical issue it is today. With our energy efficient lighting solution the energy savings go straight to your bottom line. Additionally, our solutions will provide energy savings to keep you competitive in today's world.

In addition, we will provide you a complete installation proposal, with an energy efficient lighting design and solution, tailored to meet your companies needs. All cost and benefits will be presented, showing you the reduced energy consumption and your overall return on investment. We are not only looking to satisfy your needs, but to exceed your expectations.

The following 8-step process allows us, from start to finish, to thoroughly provide you with the highest quality, and most cost effective lighting and energy solution to meet your needs.

1) Overview of Lighting Analysis

The overview serves two primary objectives. The first is to introduce our company and services, and review applicable benefits (increased light quality, reduced cooling loads, decreased energy costs, etc.) and available utility incentive programs. The second is to determine what constitutes a "winning" project for you and preliminarily determine whether we can meet your requirements.

Our goal is to provide factual knowledge, information, and benefits of our solution that you will need to make an educated decision on updating your current lighting system. The audit will showcase information on the following:

  • Lighting energy costs can be reduced by up to 50% or more
  • Increased lighting quality can result in increased employee productivity, and safety
  • Cooling loads are reduced
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Asset values of property increase
  • Incredible rebate programs offered by SRP and APS, along with EPAct tax deductions

2) Comprehensive Lighting System Analysis

A facility-wide lighting system analysis is performed to gather all essential data. All pertinent areas in your facility will be inspected, including closets, storage areas, and restrooms. The following information is recorded for each fixture type found in each area.

  • Location description
  • Annual hours of light operation
  • Fixture quantities
  • ESG retrofit and design recommendations
  • Foot-candle readings
  • Lamp & Ballast types
  • Notes (mounting considerations, etc.)

3) Project Analysis and Design

Data is entered into our customized software and then analysis and cost projections are performed. Every ESG lighting project is carefully designed to strike an appropriate balance between energy savings, light levels, and light quality in each of your facility areas. Many factors must be considered including existing conditions, tasks performed, payback criteria, and specific customer requests. Our projects are designed on a room-by-room, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for you.

4) Proposal Submission

You will receive all of the details necessary to make an informed purchase decision. We will methodically walk you through all of the information contained in the proposal, showcasing the benefits of the solution, including applicable utility incentive programs and rebates, and the overall return on investment.

Upon your decision to proceed with the project, we will prepare and submit rebate applications on your behalf and perform technical reviews of applications independently and/or in conjunction with utility representatives, as required.

A question that most customers ask at some point is "How can we be sure that we will really see the energy savings specified in your proposal?" Lighting is only one component of a customer's electric bill and is not segregated. Since electricity usage for different components (i.e., production equipment, air conditioners…) often changes in varying degrees from month to month, ESG cannot guarantee that the exact amount of lighting energy savings specified in our proposal will be seen on the electric bill. Normally Lighting is approximately 25-35% of your utility bill depending on the type of facility you have. We can safely say we will save about 50% of that amount in areas addressed.

5) Construction Analysis

Before a contract is drafted, a construction-level lighting analysis is performed. During the construction analysis, fixture counts and specifications are verified, and we identify any construction-related issues that will impact the cost of the project (typically any issues identified are minor). We will inquire with you one final time if there are any specific requests for changes to your lighting system.

6) Project Installation

Project installation times, particularly in industrial facilities, must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis including criteria such as your requested installation timeframe, project size, and complexity.

Upon receipt of a signed contract or purchase order, materials are ordered and shipped to your facility. We then schedule a pre-construction meeting with you. Your facility manager and key facility maintenance staff are asked to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to strategize an appropriate plan for project installation with input from you and your staff. Our commitment is to deliver a project that complies with all of your safety and construction policies.

The pre-construction meeting will also include a facility walk-through. We will provide an overview of the facility-wide project, and then describe what will occur in each area. We will ask the supervisory staff members questions concerning times that each area can be entered, equipment sensitivities, and other matters specific to the project. Logistical concerns such as dumpster location, recycling and hazardous waste disposal are also discussed.

Once installation begins, we will keep you fully informed of our progress. Project update meetings, if necessary, are scheduled to fit your facility's needs. ESG is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits in accordance with applicable code requirements. During construction, retrofitted fixtures and lenses are cleaned.

7) Project Completion

Upon project completion a detailed walk-through of the facility is done with you and your staff. Excess material, dumpsters, ballasts, and containers are removed from the site. Disposal and recycling is done in accordance with all environmental regulations by properly licensed firms and the customer is provided with all applicable documentation. Post-installation inspections will be scheduled with utility representatives, as appropriate.

8) Warranty Information

You are encouraged to call us if there are any questions or concerns related to the project. We also prepare and submit to you upon completion, a "Technical Specifications" guide that includes cut sheets for all components installed, as well as warranty information provided by manufacturer.

Since referrals are our most valuable marketing tool, we want you to rest assured that any issues related to the original installation will be remedied by us after the project has been completed, and will be handled in a timely manner.

If we discover any product or component installed is faulty, we will enroll the manufacturer to assist us directly in correction of the issue. To date, we have found manufacturers to be highly cooperative in assuring a high level of customer satisfaction with their products. ESG enjoys strong, long-standing relationships with major lighting manufacturers and distributors.