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Our Projects

The work we do and the pride we take in providing our services shows in the vast amount of projects we have completed across a variety of buildings, structures, and environments.

Please view the projects below that we have completed, along with the annual savings for each. If you have a question on a specific project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Name of Facility Location Annual Savings
Greenleaf Paper Products Phoenix, AZ $22,393.00
Bonded Logic, Inc Chandler, AZ $18,596.00
International Bedding, Inc Tolleson, AZ $6,115.00
ITC Manufacturing Co. Phoenix, AZ $26,527.00
Monterrey Tile Co. Chandler, AZ $4,567.00
Power-One Inc. Phoenix, AZ $12,038.00
Superior Products, inc. Chandler, AZ $14,611.00
Taser, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ $3,048.00
United Fibers, Inc. Chandler, AZ $19,802.00
Woodgrain Distributing Inc. Phoenix, AZ $6,030.00
Sherwood Bedding Phoenix, AZ $6,713.00
Tech Mold Mfg. Tempe, AZ $27,561.00
Monte Lucia Resort Parking Garage Paradise Valley, AZ $15,146.00
Consolidated Container Corp. Phoenix, AZ $17,625.00
Arizona Golf Resort Mesa, AZ $4,738.00
Best Western Dobson Ranch Mesa, Az $17,316.00
Econo-Lodge of Tempe Tempe, AZ $3,116.00
Budget Suites of America Mesa, Az $9,324.00
Multi-Family Complexes
Fountain Villa Phoenix, AZ $10,124.00
Los Compadres Phoenix, AZ $23,856.00
Maridale Glendale, AZ $13,416.00
The Village Phoenix, AZ $7,670.00
Pinewood Village Phoenix, AZ $12,191.00
Regent Park Tempe, Az $6,916.00
Whispering Pines Phoenix, AZ $34,051.00
Arbor Creek Phoenix, AZ $15,452.00
Broadmill Tempe, Az $6,094.00
Camelot Phoenix, AZ $20,329.00
Casa Mia Phoenix, AZ $5,658.00
Estancia Del Sol Phoenix, AZ $31,044.00
Los Roblos Phoenix, AZ $4,967.00
Orange Arbor Phoenix, AZ $17,994.00
Santa Fe Tempe, AZ $6,580.00
Desert Sun Phoenix, AZ $3,638.00
Norwood Village Glendale, AZ $12,693.00
Cibola Scottsdale, AZ $2,229.00
Flagstone Tempe, AZ $69,446.00
Palms on Scottsdale Tempe, AZ $1,868.00
Phoenician Palms Phoenix, AZ $30,012.00
Alanza Place Phoenix, AZ $7,480.00
The Park in Tempe Tempe, AZ $29,130.00
Arcadia Del Sol Phoenix, AZ $17,225.00
Casa Bonita Phoenix, AZ $11,108.00
Emerald Apartments Mesa, AZ $32,380.00
Bella Solano Phoenix, Az $19,448.00
Cabana on McClintock Tempe, AZ $2,595.00
Cabana on 24th St Phoenix, AZ $7,324.00
College Town Tucson Tucson, AZ $10,125.00
College Town Tempe Tempe, AZ $36,865.00
Highland Gardens Phoenix, AZ $17,387.00
BH Management Projects
Arcadia Cove Apts Phoenix 11,530.00
Mandarina Apts Phoenix 2,660.00
Midtown on Main Apts Mesa 4,880.00
Tempe Vista Apts Mesa 3,376.00
Tuscany Palms Apts Mesa 41,800.00
Village Green Apts Mesa 1,466.00
*Glenwood Vista Apts Stockbridge, Georgia 22,845.00
*Birchwood on Boulders Apts Richmond, Virginia 11,508.00
* In Progress
Mark-Taylor Properties Projects
San Hacienda Apts Chandler 3,792.00
San Lagos Apts Glendale 7,015.00
San Marquis Apts Tempe 27,467.00
San Palmilla Apts Tempe 21,728.00
San Pedregal Apts Phoenix 8,848.00
San Prado Apts Glendale 7,896.00